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09.16.2021 , 02:45 PM | #10193
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Some false efficiencies in this game will never die. Some people still insist on dumb crap like LoSing the Vorgan fight or ignoring the turrets to rush across the chasm. Some people insist on ditching fights early to pull the next group, forcing the dps to actually stay behind to finish the fight and then slow-run to catch up because the other fight's already started.

Just...these things do not make your group faster. They make it slower. Hurry-up-and-wait crap is not actually efficient.
Absolutely true!! I almost exclusively run GF FPs now, and after 1000's of runs, this is the phenomenon that continues to baffle me. Along with the situations you mention, there seem to be countless others where "quicker" takes longer.

If the goal of the players who employ these tactics is really to finish the FP as quickly as possible, I am not sure how they don't realize those tactics often lengthen the time to complete. Makes me think that is not really the goal for many of these players - it's really about freelancing a group activity and punishing those that can't run as fast or going against the grain just to do so....likely peeps with efficacy problems irl.

Another good example of this that drives me nuts...Cademimu and a couple of the jump shortcuts. It is not very likely on a vet pug you are going to get all four to be able to make just one of the jumps, let alone both - and when they don't, we wait for run back. It is almost always easier to wreck the mobs or use pushes to clear them more quickly.

The other is leaving players behind and starting combat early - making others slow run constantly is not only selfish, but slows everything down overall. Is the ADHD (or being on your 5th Red Bull) so bad that players can't stand still for < minute?

Thanks for posting this.