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Now for this week's prompt......happy writing!

Week of September 3, 2021

An Embarrassment of Riches: When has your character had too many good things? So many they had a hard time choosing among them? So many they were ashamed in front of their friends who were not so blessed? What did they have and why? Is it something they can share--and do they? Must they choose only one, exclusive of the others? It need not be things. It could be several events on the same night, rival suitors for your character's hand, or all of their college applications were accepted. How does your character choose when all the options are wonderful?

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This weekís featured previous prompts are:

Scent: Humans as a species arenít known for having a particularly good sense of smell. Despite this, perfumes and scents are incredibly popular, either to hide, replace, or enhance natural odors on both their person and possessions. Does your character care? Do they have a favorite scent? A soap, a perfume, an incense? Do their speciesí preferred fragrances turn off others--or smell really good? How do their companions (some of whom may have better olfactory abilities) deal with the profusion of clashing or complimenting scents? Or do they prefer your character au naturel? Credit to @alaurin101ís story for inspiring this prompt.

You Canít Always Get What You Want: Every character wants something. It might be tangible: food, money, an ancient artifact. It could be intangible: respect, success, fame or infamy. Often, their entire story is the pursuit of their desire. But something always gets in the way. What happens when something or someone thwarts your character? Gets in between your character and what they want? How do they deal with it?