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04.30.2022 , 06:01 PM | #75

Thank you for responding to posts and providing updates, its much appreciated.

For those of us trying to finish the Spoils of War gear sets for either the title unlock or cosmetic use in outfitter it has been difficult to say the least to obtain pieces were missing with the amount of sets available, RNG protection not working, inventory/equipment space available. Would it be possible to tie the RNG protection to the Feats of Strength > Equipment Sets so we could finish these without the current frustrations brought about since the 7.0 update? Perhaps you have other suggestions on how to finish these? Im missing 1 piece out of a couple sets that would have been obtained during the rotation around January 2022 and when he stopped selling gear prior to the 7.0 update.

Your response would be greatly appreciated to shed some light on the situation.

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Update: As of 5/4/2022 the RNG protection for the Unidentified Onslaught Set Bonus Gear is not working. I received helmet of concentrated fire even though I have 2 in inventory (one is augmented). Bug report created. @JackieKo #JackieKo