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I mean, the picture also very clearly shows that 16man HM is also missing. You don't need to do 8 man to be in a group for 16 man, lmao
The *selected* item is for 8-man, and I didn't have access to the game to see what the other incomplete one is.

And I in no way think that completing 8-man is required *by the game* before you can do 16-man.
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The parse log is also definitely for 16 man Vet, not 8 man, and he does have the title but no Vet achievements at all. With 16 man known to be bugged, I'd say that's enough evidence to assume they're telling the truth about doing 16 man and it bugging and not granting the achievement
Sure, but the *picture* is unclear - to highlight an issue with 16-man, it would have been better to select the (incomplete) 16-man achievement instead of the 8-man one.
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