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04.05.2021 , 04:12 PM | #7

The Aegis march 2021 update

Another month rolls by for the Aegis, lots of operations cleared and on our way to move from story mode operations to veteran mode operations. In april our focus will be to clear the last two story mode 8 man operations, Temple of Sacrifice and Nature of Progress / DXUN. Once those are cleared we move to the first veteran mode 8 man operations starting with Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace.

We got a solid group of new members in during march but we keep on recruiting as we still want to get a few more in to join our operations. All roles and classes are welcome to join as always. Azeronn joined the Aegis officers team to help out with recruitment, the role which Masenka gave up as he did not have enough time to arrange this. We still seek more help to get more things going like PVP, regular Flashpoints and other events. So if you are interested to help out the guild let us know.

For now we keep our focus on 8 man content, once we get more people in we might move to 16 man content. The coming month as mentioned before will be more focused on 8 man veteran mode operations with still some story mode operations in between to have some relaxed operations going next to the progression operations.