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03.27.2021 , 06:04 PM | #105
Having "finished" the first week of the Galactic Seasons, I've noticed one fairly large problem if it is not just a PTS issue. All week, the dailies I got were for Corellia and Makeb. While this is not an issue for someone with a high level character (these two missions require at least a level 40 character and more likely one at level 50). This would leave all new players out of the content since they would not have had characters of sufficient level to participate. While it's possible this was a bad random draw, the objectives not changing was more problematic. Someone just starting out could easily miss out on 2 or 3 week of dailies while they level their characters.

Other than that, the interface is confusing (though some of that will be fixed once the extra daily objectives that do not count toward completion are removed) and cluttered with all of the Galactic Seasons objectives mixed in with the Conquest objectives. It's also a little light on rewards as others have noted. Perhaps adding xp boosts or additional minor decorations to fill out the levels would be in line.

All in all it seems to be little more than a Conquest+ system. It's a nice system to bring back old rewards but it needs some work to make it more balanced. Another concern would be in regards to using rampages as the primary "solo" content. This easily could lead to whole sections of low level planets devoid of the NPCs needed for leveling characters to complete their quests. This was the biggest problem at launch in the leveling arena when you needed to farm NPCs to get enough levels to go on to the next planet. Lots of players quit in frustration of having to wait for respawns and dealing with ninjas. Perhaps some of the rampages could be replaced with complete 2 or 3 heroics on a planet (which generally needs about the same number of kills) on the lower level planets