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Hello there

I'm a new player, lvl18 on my "main" which is a Jedi Guardian.
I also have one toon in each of the 8 classes, but those are lvl1. Created just as future projects and to get my legacy family tree together.
I am now leveling the first toon, and i plan to play trough all the class stories eventually.

Looking for a guild that is relaxed, fun and social but also up for a team up to do some heroics and flashpoints (where i will also need help in understanding and doing them)

I've got a job with wild hours and a family, so my game time will vary a lot. So any guild that has requirements to be online at a specific time i can't promise anything.
Whener i have free time however i'm in the game.

I'm not even sure what exactly the benefits of a guild are, like a lot of things in the game i don't understand fully, but i'd like to be part of a community, on a discord server, and to play together so i don't have to use the random group finder...

I'm from Croatia and would like a English speaking guild (unless ofcourse there's a croatian guild that would like me )

So to sum it up:
Any guild willing to take in a complete noob who'd like to play the game in all it's aspects but only when i have free time, and will be full of questions and need advice and explaining about the game from experienced players.

And btw i'm a subscriber and will be one as long as i play the game, if that means anything for the guild.

Sorry i made you read throu all this and thank you for anyone offering a guild or advice/help on getting into one.

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