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You're contradicting yourself. The man who gave us our most recent information on SGRs is Daniel Erickson; take a look at the video I posted on the front page, then look at the picture on the interview you linked. It's the same guy. Stephen Reid might not work for BioWare anymore, but you clearly believe Mr. Erickson's word, and he's given us much more recent and specific news on SGRs. Mr. Erickson said in the video that SGRs would be in with the first story update. The E3 promotional video said story updates were coming this year. Therefore, until we hear otherwise, it's safe to say SGRs are still coming this year.

Also: that interview mentioned companion missions and conversations. The romance dialogues are not the same thing - all companions have conversations, not all have romances - and were not even mentioned in the interview. So there goes your other point. And saying that BW won't be adding in SGRs because they still don't have a hood toggle on robes makes no sense at all; that's a graphical and programming issue, not a writing and scripting issue.

I'll take BioWare's word over your doom and gloom - or anyone's, for that matter - any day. People seem to like coming into this thread and making all kinds of proclamations about how one thing or another means BW won't be doing SGRs, and they fail to realize one thing: BioWare works to BioWare's standards, not anyone else's. And I'll believe BW until they give me reason to doubt them.
I don't believe Erickson's word when he says they're going to do something - because it usually doesn't get done. But I absolutely believe him when he says they're NOT going to do something - because they always follow through there - with the one exception of saying back in April they didn't need to merge servers and wouldn't do that.

Promises are easy in the new BW lately: in case you've forgotten about Ilum, open-world PvP, keeping the development team intact after launch, hood toggles, ranked warzones in 1.2, server mergers will never happen back in April, monthly world events, and heck, even this issue, to name a few.

You're free to keep on believing what they said when EA was paying the bills, but now they've said it won't happen this year, and after they fired Stephen Reid, have they even bothered to say it's still being worked on at all? Not that I'd believe them if they said it, but if they're not going to do anything with companions in the next 6 months when (theoretically) they'll be launching an update that raises the skill cap, you'll be romancing the ship droid until then.

Don't get me wrong: I think it'd be a cool feature - not the most important thing in the game by any stretch, but cool. I'd like to see it. I'll go further and bet that most of the BW people would like to do it. I just don't think EA would like to pay for it, at this point. So to me, this galls me as another in that long list of broken promises for a game that was released at least 6 months too soon and that EA now seems to be managing closely.