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I wasn't aware this was an issue....bottom line is they either don't think it's important or atleast not important enough for the pr problem. Have to say I agree, the small % of people that want this are likely minimal to the amount that would be upset by it. Bioware has much larger issues with the game that need to be fixed/updated than this IMO.
The small percentage of people that want this is most likely bigger than you think, unless you're just simply surrounded by bigots in which case I'm sorry to hear that. Honestly, how many people do you think would stop playing the game over this? How many do you think would enjoy it?

A company like Bioware comes with its own audience, and a significant portion of that audience are people who want to be able to play same-gender romances, due in no small part to Bioware's backlog of games. So I think it's safe to say that the number of these players is higher in a Bioware-made game than other games of this type. Possibly because if you want to play any significant SGRAs in a PC-RPG, there really is not much in the way of competition, it's either Bioware or bust.

Additionally, there really aren't any hard numbers about men who want to play f/f romance and women who want to play m/m romance because they like it, but let's just assume that they aren't insignificant - the latter are certainly part of a group big enough to support an entire, if relatively new genre of novel and an enormous and diverse online community. Those people, I'm sure, want this option, if perhaps not with the same vehemency as people who are also tied up in it through their identity.

How many players are here for the story? One would think quite a few, since that is the main selling point of the game. How many of those want to play romances as part of their character or even just try it out? A lot of them.

You say there will be large amounts of people (enough to outweigh those invested in the content as I laid out) upset by this, but there's really no substantial evidence for that. How many do you seriously believe would be upset by other people being granted the same opportunities they have? How many people like that do you know?
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