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The issue with Consular is that regardless of your choices, your character is by default in a more favorable position with the Jedi Council and the order. It simply makes the most sense for the Consular to be a more light-sided, "goody-two-shoes" sort. You earn a respected position as the Jedis' loremaster and the easily just make you a Jedi Master simply so you can represent them to some political organization. As opposed to the Jedi Knight whose reputation with the Council is more tenuous due to their padawan secretly being a former Sith, them being reckless and charging the Emperor head-on at his spaces station despite warnings, and also working alongside the Emperor's top enforcer Lord Scourge as an ally. Not to mention it takes defeating the Emperor to even earn you the title of Master. These things are true regardless of your choices. Needless to say, if you want more "adventure" as opposed to lore, I'd recommend the Knight