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How we can actually get 303 schematics/crafting recipes?
I was able to gram a full set of 300/302 gear in 2 days of gameplay (running flashpoints with my lvl 75 char) he started in old 260 gear. I was working 8/10 hours a day (rl), so calculate with few hours gameplay in night hours.

Now with a great effort I reached 700 in some crafting and gathering skills. Now I'm wondering that where we can get 303 schematics? I count as 303 is the base / the origo after 6.0 and logically with crafting we go just for stat variations, amplifier variations.
- I could not find any schematics at crafting vendors
- I deconstructed about 100+ looted gear/item modification that all were trash/for scrap items: "cannot learn new schematics by deconstructing the items"

Do I miss something?

Thanks in advance for the info!
I've been unable to get beyond 286 because of components needed. Those I can craft are not the problem so is the Processed isotope (just run a lot of flashpoints) it's the solid resource matrix that is total bs. They need to fix crafting or once you finish onslaught there is no reason to continue until.