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Using the /roll mechanic, I have devised a way to 'play Pazaak' in SWTOR! Thus far, those who have tested it with me have found it to be easy to follow and entertaining!

This may be a long post, but here is the system to play Pazaak that I have come up with:


For wagering matches, I recommend having a “dealer” who manages the game (i.e. knows the cards in both players' hands, checks their math, helps keep score).

For non-wagering matches, a dealer is not needed, but if you don’t trust the other player, you may consider having a dealer or just making known to each other what your playable cards are at the beginning.

I will include, as examples, a game dialog.


Players have two options to determine their four playable cards.

OPTION 1: The player chooses his/her cards, but has some limitations.
- The player may choose the cards, but is limited to only positive and negative cards:
o Possible cards are -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6

OPTION 2: The player uses the random roll system (/roll __) to generate the cards, with two rolls for each card.
- First roll is a “/roll 3”, with a roll of 1 meaning a positive card, a roll of 2 meaning a negative card, and a roll of 3 meaning a plus/minus card.
- Second roll is a “/roll 6”, with the roll determining the number of the card.
- Possible cards generated are -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, +1, +2, +3, +4, +5, +6, ±1, ±2, ±3, ±4, ±5, ±6

No combinations of these two options are allowed (i.e. a player CANNOT choose two cards, and randomly generate two cards) – they MUST either choose all four cards or randomly generate all four cards.


Once both the players’ cards have been either chosen or generated, which player goes first in the beginning round will be determined via a “/roll 100”. The two players will both do a “/roll 100” and whoever rolls higher will go first.

After the first round, which player starts the round alternates (i.e. if Player 1 plays first in the first round, Player 2 will play first in the second round, then Player 1 for the third round, then Player 2 for the fourth round, etc.).


For each turn, the player will do a “/roll 10” to generate their draw. These numbers will be added to their total.

At the end of the turn, the player will state their total, and then state their action(s). A player may only play one card per turn, but may do two actions (i.e. play card, then either stand or end turn).

When one round is over, the next begins using the same format. The first player to win three rounds is the winner of the game. Tied rounds do not count as a win for either player.


SCENARIO: Player 1 and Player 2 have no dealer, and thus tell each other the cards in their hand at the beginning. They group invite each other (this allows them to see each other’s rolls) and begin to play.

PLAYER ONE chooses his cards, which are:
PLAYER TWO randomly generates his cards:

+6 -2 -1 +1
CARD 1: /roll 3 = 2 /roll 6 = 4

CARD 2: /roll 3 = 1 /roll 6 = 6

CARD 3: /roll 3 = 3 /roll 6 = 1

CARD 4: /roll 3 = 3 /roll 6 = 6

Thus, PLAYER TWO’s cards are:

-4 +6 ±1 ±6

PLAYER ONE: /roll 100 = 83
PLAYER TWO: /roll 100 = 55
(PLAYER ONE goes first, as he has the higher roll)
(PLAYER TWO goes second, as he rolled lower)

PLAYER ONE: /roll 10 = 7
PLAYER ONE: “TOTAL: 7 – end turn”
PLAYER TWO: /roll 10 = 10
PLAYER TWO: “TOTAL: 10 – end turn”
PLAYER ONE: /roll 10 = 2
PLAYER ONE: “TOTAL: 9 – end turn”
PLAYER TWO: /roll 10 = 7
PLAYER TWO: “TOTAL: 17 – stand”
PLAYER ONE: /roll 10 = 5
PLAYER ONE: “TOTAL: 14 – end turn”
PLAYER ONE: /roll 10 = 7
PLAYER ONE: “TOTAL: 21 – play -1 – NEW TOTAL: 20”


For games that have a dealer, the dealer’s job is to make certain that both players are playing fairly, adding their numbers correctly, and following Pazaak rules. If there is an audience to a high wager match, a dealer may announce the totals for the crowd and players after each turn. For example: “Player 1: 15 Player 2: 18 (stand)” would communicate to onlookers not in the players’ group that Player 2 has reached a total of 18 and chosen to stand (not receive any more cards), while Player 1 is currently at a total of 15 but still adding to his total via at least one more draw.

The results of the /roll will only be visible to the rolling player and those in their group - thus, to have a game you must enter into a group with your opponent and dealer (if you have one). In the case of one or both competitors randomly generating their playable cards, a dealer would have to have only one of the competitors in the group at a time so that the dealer can see the rolls, but the competitor cannot.

If you want to adapt these rules, you may do so! Please let me know if you think an adaptation adds to this game in any way!

And if you want to have a game of Pazaak, message me! I am primarily on the Star Forge server, and would jump at the opportunity for a friendly game or a wager! You can also join the discord for The Pazaak Den for Star Forge tournaments: