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I am not the best at PvP but I do enjoy it, however I do the PvE and want to get the best gear so now I have to go into ranked PvP and piss off the better players when I'm not up to their standards as well as sometimes get kicked because some of them just don't want o understand that not everyone is great at PvP. I got kicked out of a ranked arena 5 seconds before the match ended, not just the round but the match and lost the completion credit for it so no progress on the monumental crystal. Also an a crafting player at 600 in all professions many of the needed exotic material are also available through ranked PvP weekly and Dailies. Is it so difficult for other players to understand that we're all here to enjoy the game but also to earn progress on crew skills and gear. Other than people working together the only other option is for EA/BioWare to not Gate progression items behind any particular type of content or at least add other options for getting those items such as maybe giving the option of getting crafting crated instead of commander crates from Heroics.

However, until or unless they do something like any of this can players please try to understand and not verbally abuse and kick players who are also just trying to enjoy the gaming experience. MMO is Massive Multiplayer Online but syas nothing of all those player being great at all content. I am very good at normal PvE, FP before they went Veteran mode, I used to run the Hard Modes a while back and can pretty well follow the tactics needed for running ops with groups. So while I and other like myself aren't great at PvP we could use the support needed to get our progression done just as you need yours to get to Valor 100 and advance through the ranks in the seasons
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