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Still self-imposed - they selected the engine instead of a cross-platform solution or building their own (again as Blizzard, Valve and id and others have done.) The Unreal engine is out there, for example, at the very least.

BioWare hasn't for a long time been taking code drops from HeroEngine - years, in fact. They are separate products now, I've heard it referred to as the BioWare Engine now since it's so customized. It's highly unlikely that anything on the roadmap of the HeroEngine is going to be plug-n-play with what BioWare has done...
I believe that at renderer level the integration shouldn't be that hard. However, I don't know if BW did any changes at the renderer level. I'm assuming they didn't. Also the Hero Engine is target at MMOs. Unreal Engine would require much more work to put a MMO running on top of it. Again, this is what I think with the info I have.