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01.29.2020 , 06:09 AM | #58
Please can you detail the "quality of life improvements" for Conquest that you mentioned instead of changing such a fundamental part of the game expecting us to enjoy the surprise. Surely by now you've seen how that plays out.

  • A major "quality of life improvement" would be if you gave us a top 10 scores by legacy so that people who play on multiple characters get the props they deserve. So each row of the top 10 is a different person's legacy e.g. all their character scores in that guild totaled up. In other words, 1 row per account instead of 1 row per character.
  • Add a conquest message to the guild log "Your guild took 1st/3rd/26th position on Iokath with 3,600,400 points"
  • Swap from 3 planets each week to 9, have 3 yields for each planet
  • Add an option to turn off the "This planet was conquered by XYZ guild" gold plate

Are these fixes part of the update?:
  • Change the conquest end time back to Monday so guilds that do their own rewards have more than 1 hour to do that
  • Conquest panel guild score not being in sync with the score shown in the guild top 10
  • Character scores not registering when they have gone just over 50k
  • Character scores not updating until they have logged in twice or they earn points during the current week:
  • Top 10 character scoreboard not showing results from previous week
  • Crafting Inventor objective not registering items if they finish crafting while logged out:
  • Lack of rampages
  • Training Customer Services and publicly posting a clear explanation of the conquest system and ensuring the game itself sticks to it. An example of this is how several CS agents tell people they can not get rewards if they joined the guild after the CQ week has started (which is a stupid rule). In-game we see the opposite of this as someone can join on Sunday, smash out their 50k and get their rewards on Tuesday. That is good and should be the way it works, do not change this!
  • Total lack of transparency about the conquest schedule. Eric used to post it every now and then but stopped by stating the system was now random. Those who know where to look can see that you actually meant it is randomly generated in one big block for several months ahead. Please return to officially posting it so guilds can plan their activities properly.
  • Fix the "Current Conquerors" panel so it stops losing guild names when you scroll: