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So what I don't see is any mention of crafting.... which is unacceptable to me.

The number of completely broken, unbalanced, or just plain ludicrous things goiing on with crafting would never be tolerated in combat mechanics, or a flashpoint, yet they are completely unaddressed in crafting.

Here's a laundry list
  • Undocumented reductions to critical rate (blue and purple item crit rate is being reduced beyond difficulty modifiers)
  • Broken rewards across multiple mission skills and nodes (returning only fixed portion, not random, resulting in a compounding ~20% inbalance).
  • completely non-functional items (+Critical Amplifiers)
  • Duplicate naming issues (all grade 11 mission skills, and some crafted items)
  • Misnamed items (most premium modifications, listed as being a higher level than their prototype/artifact counterparts)
  • development placeholder text (all new crafted set/tactical items)
  • misreporting of stats (critical and efficiency, and schematic chance).
  • Completely unbalanced schematic pricing (single modifications cost the same to craft as whole set pieces, and both cost more than the same level augments. Reusable biochem is vastly underpriced, and consumable biochem vastly overpriced)
  • Still completely unbalanced mission/node returns in comparison to base component costs
  • Materials Storage bugs that literally erase your materials, or neuter them making them unable to be used normally
  • Materials Storage that is entirely useless to seeing what you have in stock because it does not sort by grade
  • Crafting interface update issues (two separate ones, for left and right panes)
  • Crew Skills Mission window reset issues (most notable when the "Krall's Accord" tactical is worn)
  • and probably a dozen more things that I can't remember just this second.
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