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05.15.2021 , 03:47 PM | #2
Hi there, did you post this in the wrong place?

I ask because it sounds like a PVP only post when you use the term 'anything'.

Firstly, while an operative is cool and whatnot, a deception sin can phantom stride > kill > stride > kill repeatedly moving far quicker about the place than an operative, who is stuck waiting for their abilities to cooldown (The deception sin gets a discharge after each stride).

Secondly, if you're doing some EV farming you'll hit about 35k with a lethailty op while a Hatred will go up to 42k in similar gear.

I don't dispute Operatives are very strong in many places, however since Darkness exists for Sins and Medicine for Operatives they both have outstanding functionality and really, you're just making a PVP comment for the most part, to which I would agree I do favour my Op more than my Sin in PVP these days.