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You are correct, crafting for your alt characters is almost impossible now.

Bit of advice, do not rely on crafting for anything.
I mean, saying itís tedious and time/money/resource intensive, and not financially worth the effort, is not the same thing as saying itís impossible. Iím on the record as saying 6.0 crafting is an atrocity but thatís in reference to the crafting of 270+ gear, not grinding gear. Itís hardly ďalmost impossible.Ē More importantly, making item modifications for your alts while you level is not cost-prohibitive, though green mods being available for credits certainly makes crafting for alts unnecessary.

I think thatís the real problem with crafting in 6.0. I love the ease with which one can grind from 270 to 306 but I still have to acknowledge itís made the crafting unnecessary. But then the Devs add insult to injury and make it so resource intensive and have such a low RE chance, thatís just plain cruel.
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