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Darth Nox, because she can't die. Thanaton tried his hardest on Dromund Kaas. A Darth Nox who still has the ghosts after the endgame can't be killed. This is defined by the story itself. And given that the only person who could teach the rituals of Ergast is Ergast himself (who's trapped in Nox) and with the rituals of Tulak Hord being in Khem-Zash, it's doubtful the Wrath would have any idea about how to get rid of said ghosts.

Plus, unlike Lord Drahg, I don't see Darth Nox boasting about her power, she'd simply get up again or reappear later as was the case at the beginning of Act 2 of the Inquisitor storyline. So it is questionable who would even know about what's going on with her.

The new Wrath's main abilities are their martial skills and aptitude for manipulating the passions of others (like with Jaesa), though it is hard to put this into any practical framework for comparison since Darth Nox also has plenty of opportunities to be manipulative. Player agency is a factor here, I'd say.

That being said, I find the whole concept of this fight interesting, though unnecessary. In terms of the story we know the new Emperor's Wrath is in fact not made aware of the Emperor's true plans...will be interesting to see what BioWare does with the story there. If the Wrath knew the Emperor's plan, they should also know that Nox would be one of the few Sith with enough knowledge of the ancient rituals, and the power to help do something about it.