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06.20.2022 , 09:31 PM | #1
Hey guys, returning player from the days of KotFE, starting a new toon to get a feel for all the new changes and relearn my main class, Defense Guardian. It'll take me a little while to rebuild this character and start gearing, but I'm fairly active so it should all come together in time, and now that I have a computer that can actually handle this game and Warzones are no longer a 5-FPS slideshow for me, I figure this is a good time to step my game up and try to get competitive at PvP, enough to where I can at least compete in Ranked.

I'm looking for a Republic-side guild that has a focus on PvP, both Warzones and Starfighter. I split my time evenly between the two, filling in the downtime from queueing through planetary heroics. Galactic Starfighter is my preferred game, and I feel personally that I've gotten decent at it over the years, and some have even called me an Ace pilot over the years, though I don't know if I'd go that far. But I mostly do PvP so I'm seeking a guild focused on just that, Unranked PvP (though I want to learn Ranked at some point) and Galactic Starfighter. As I am maining Tank spec, I would not opposed to tanking the occasional Master FP or 8-man Operation either, provided the mechanics for each fight are explained to me.

I have Legendary Status with all Companion lines completed, and all Datacrons except one on Odessen. I know the stats/buffs are small, but I still wanted every little boost I could get.

My IGN is Lodsofemone, you can mail me in game or send me a message on the forums, I check both regularly. I have Discord and a headset, can fill out an application and even be present for an interview.

Cheers guys.