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You should have replied that he should have used kolto to heal himself up. 🙄

The koltos in Veteran mode FPs give a large burst heal to the player that uses it and a smaller HoT to the rest of the group. They are designed to be used by the player who needs the health. They are not meant as a general 'heal' for the whole group**.
And, being a veteran FP, there is no specific need for a 'tank'. This means that even a tank (or someone who's 'playing' tank) should take care of their own health and not assume that someone else will play 'healer' for them. (There is no problem with 'breaking agro' in a vet fp - after all, most vet fps are done by 4 dps.)

** It's sad the number of times that I've been on my way to the kolto, to heal up, and some doofus clicks the kolto 'for me' before I get there, resulting in me dying from the next attack. 😏
hmm I was tanking some vet fps on NA the other week, and a couple extremely helpful dps were hitting kolto when I was getting below 30%, and I was being healed to full by that, so idk about the small hot
never got to use my ED even
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