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That doesn't make any sense.
The files in %localappdata% don't need to be touched at all.
Only thing to move into RAM are DiskCacheArena and some texture packages, since your using junctions, junctions are pointers/references to the files that are copied to RAM.
Well I am only following Lemon_Kings original how-to while I made the batch scripts. A quote from the OP "Right now this focuses on placing DiskCacheArena and 2 buffer files DiskCacheStatic / DiskCacheStream on a RamDrive.".

And guess what, the two buffer files are located in the local SWTOR folder. Think a while back Lemon_King said something having these on ramdisk was the biggest improvement (althou you don't say because most of the time these are 0kB but during loadingscreens these get used). And I also tought that he said by the nature of these files (being deleted/created) he could not link them with a symlink thus he had to junction the while SWTOR folder in local.

I just confirmed it aswell, creating a symlink for 'DiskCacheStatic' and 'DiskCacheStream' to the ramdisk had no effect, as the game removes these files (thus the links) at startup and recreates them. (These files are also gone when you quit the game).
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