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Breaking Point
Chapter 5
(WARNING: this story contains spoilers relating to in-game events for the original TOR chapters)

*This story plays out much like a Flashpoint or a planet story arc using updating information and progressing communications before its conclusion*

-Decryption complete
From: Vaiken Spacedock
To: the office of Minister Davidge

"Minister Davidge. Your team was able to find the bunker and engineer Randis, but not before Darila could escape with a working prototype compact generator. This is unfortunate, but not unexpected. Randis was betrayed and wounded by Darila and then left for dead. Whether your team delivered the killing blow or not doesn't matter. His usefulness had ended and his research will be reviewed by our own Imperial engineers to determine there value at a later time.

Before he died, Randis gave you the location of Darila's ship in a nearby outer rim sector. I had already sent the Mandalorian mercenaries you worked with from Taris to the location ahead of you, but it seems the clan leaders were killed and the remaining soldiers brokered a new deal with Darila. This mistake is mine and I will answer for it after this situation is resolved. If this is my last operation that I am in charge of, I will see it through to its conclusion.
I believed these Mandalorians could prevent Darila from escaping, or at least slow her down until your team arrived. But with Darila's lightsaber now operational, even Mandalorian armour doesn't stand a chance against her. I did not expect a working prototype to be prepared so soon, but now Darila has it and used it to cut down the Mandalorians with ease. She may be a modest saber duelist, but with this unstoppable lightsaber, she can become unbeatable to all but the most talented and force-adept masters in the galaxy. There's no telling how many will be killed now that she has completed the weapon. I wonder if she realizes just how important and dangerous her new weapon is. What if we could replicate it on a massive scale? What if our enemies take it first?

So your team boarded Darila's ship, a heavy freighter, and reports indicate that her ship has been stripped and retrofitted to include a large number of medical machines, including some advanced equipment that is not available for public use. The high powered machinery is extensive and the logs and medical droids showed frequent use. Inventory includes a vast number of treatment tools, automated surgical droids, crates full of the latest medical injections and medicines, and huge holding tanks filled with kolto. The only area of the ship that is not converted for medical use is a workshop where Darila's followers had apparently tried to create their own portable generators. Their computer records showed minimal success in this endeavour and they could indeed successfully power her breaker lightsaber with a generator for a few moments before burning out. Not enough to fight a sustained battle, but just enough to win a duel or break through a shield barrier or armour plating. This might explain some of Darila's successes in the past.
Darila has escaped in an imperial shuttle with her remaining followers and possibly some Mandalorians who have taken up her offer. Their whereabouts are unknown and I have already sent the rest of my men to scour the Mandalorian camps on Taris along with all previous locations we have been to so far.

But now she has the "Breaker" lightsaber in hand and working perfectly, and we are left without any leads. We are forced to wait for her next move, which I am certain will come soon now that she has what she was looking for. I have my slicers working on her ship to find navigation records and the purpose for the extensive medical machines. Stand by with your team for new orders. End transmission."