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12.13.2011 , 09:20 AM | #927
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There are many more pre-orders than that, besides the game does not release until the 20th, and your early access does not begin until the 15th...the fact that they decided to start rolling out early access on the 13th is a bonus to everyone. With a 2 day early staged metered roll out you are more likely to have a stable 5 solid days of early access. And for those that gripe about lvl 50's running around by the time they get in, I doubt you will see lvl 50's until the 22nd... and if you do why does it matter to you???
Preach on. I'm as excited to play as everyone else and spamming refresh on my email inbox like lots of others, but I realize I'm getting in TWO DAYS earlier than I expected to. Hell when we all preordered they didn't say what early access meant at all. It could have been 1 day early. Be thankful you're getting early access at all.