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So far as I know none of the player characters are ever given the opportunity to do anything even remotely on the scale of eradicating the populations of 5 planets just to spite someone. Closest I can think of any Starwars PC ever coming close was the Jedi Exile having the option to screw over a bunch of planets by taking out Peragus.
*cough* Releasing the world razor for some cheap green pants *cough*
*cough* Destroying Makeb to spite the Archon *cough*
*cough* Approving of the use of that Balmorran superweapon which if used would turn Balmorra into a lifeless wasteland*cough*
*cough* Betraying the Voss mystic and siding with Sel Makor, the evil entity that wants to devour all life on Voss, instead*cough*
And of course the crime only the worst of beings yould commit: killing 100 Jawas while partying with the party Jawa.