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The reason that we did not make it this way initially is we had concerns about players ability to gain best in slot gear extremely quickly.
Oh boy. I know its not your fault but please explain to whoever is making the decision about loot in this game how gearings works for groups skilled and dedicated enough to do nightmare.
Pretty much all experienced raiders remaining in this game have ******** of alts to farm 224 gear. I know players who routinely go through a dozen lockouts each week in highlighted hardmode and can bring more than twenty lockouts if necessary.
So gear isnt any issue anymore at this point. It hasnt been for many weeks. Hardcore raiding guilds were done with gear progression the week EV got highlighted the first time. I dont want to go into details here but i'm sure you are aware how to manage the lockouts in EV/KP for maximum efficiency.
Sure, some might still miss the an 224 relic or implant or what not, but its irrelevant if you have your two or three nightmare raiding toons already in BIS.
In short, whoever decides how loot progression works in this game has no idea how it is done on highest level.
Limiting BIS loot to one highlighted operation hasnt slowed things down a bit. In fact it made things worse, instead of progessing Brontes NM all night all week we farmed hardmode Operations until everyone was BIS and too bored to care anymore.
The change is nice as far as you listened to the community for once, but its not only way too late to make any difference, your initial plan was doomed to fail from the start and just shows a serious disconnect between your devs and the hardcore raiding community.

Oh and lolz to you if 224 becomes craftable with 4.1 as it was kinda hinted at in the last stream.
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