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I play shadow tank mostly and Hypergate is probably my favorite along with Huttball. A competent powertech/vanguard or a good sorc can easily combat the double stealthout cap to give enough time for support to come. Also a team with a decent dps can force the stealthers to unstealth if you bombard the pylon as well as smart use of cc's and anti stealth abilities of course. Always seems to be a fun game when Hypergate pops (most of the time) I don't recognize the issue you raise.

Also f**k orbs.stop their cap!
not gunna lie this actually made my head hurt lol well done. forcing a stealther to unstealth by bombarding the pylon lmao yes hel be stood back there like well now i gotta unstealth. ggez why didnt i think of that. he deffo doesnt have to stay alive and stop cap until the other stealther gets back which takes no time at all on AHG.

The point isnt that stealth classes are hard to deal with its that if you have 2 or 3 running interference you have to delete all of them at once or your not capping because the first one you killed will be back long before your done with the next if they have half a clue how to play. i see this almost every game they can get back way too quickly on that map. because survivability and mobility is somewhere between 3 to 5 times higher than it was when that map was added