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04.10.2021 , 06:27 AM | #1

I'm a lapsed SWTOR Founder player, my main being a Trooper and my 2nd being an Agent.

I've returned to the game after some years away and in order to re-aqaint myself, I'm going to finish the 3 stories I never did - at the moment I'm a 32 Consular (name: Storroe) and I'm looking for a guild to join to keep me entertained whilst doing so

I do have a job, family, interests etc so my time is haphazard and given to change so I'd prefer a guild that didn't have weekly requirements of me, though I am always happy to group up, flashpoints and heroics being some of my main interests. I'm not hugely sure what end game is at the moment, and I've not looked at currencys and so on and don't plan to for a while tbh. Eventually I'd like to bring all my characters into a guild, especially my trooper.

So, if you think I'd fit, let me know! Guilds with an Imp side presence would be very welcome also.

Oh, I'm male, English and from the UK (south). And this is me: