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The example of a shooting lightsaber doesn't even make sense, because that's not what they even promised.
What they announced was the ability for tech users to use any weapon, sentinels to dual wield, and jedi to use dark powers in secret. There were even SCREENSHOTS of a trooper with a sniper. At no point did anyone ask for or promise a blaster using Jedi, so that excuse is just bull*** because most of the animations are using a pistol in cutscenes anyway. The Sniper uses a pistol in cutscenes....
But Troopers CAN use a Sniper Rifle in 7.0; by selecting the Sniper Combat Style. This is exactly what they promised, to ability to for any tech class, to be able to play any advanced class. (Though the limitation to two Combat Styles per character was only told about later). At no point did they claim you would be able to play a Powertech with a rifle or a Sentinel with a double-bladed lightsaber.

Edit: About the Trooper with a Sniper Rifle picture, it is accompannied by this text:
Introducing Combat Styles! Players will be able to separate Class Story choice from gameplay for even greater customization over their experience. For example, you could choose the Trooper story and then the Sniper, Powertech, or even Gunslinger Combat Style!

They outline it pretty clearly, you can choose the Trooper story and then select any tech combat style you want. What you cannot do, nor was it ever promised, is use a Sniper Rifle and Vanguard abilities. It is about the separation of story and abilites (with tech and force still separate for obvious reasons), not of weapons and abilities.