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I don't understand your argument. What "chance things"? I am so confused.

Edit: FYI I have alts. A lot. That I play every week. And I hate the change that will limit how many of them can complete CQ and still get a reward. But that doesn't mean that I don't understand why people who only play one character should not be able to get extra rewards too (maybe not the loot boxes, which may be gone in 7.0 anyway, but at least the tech fragments etc).
read this thread then you will understand good how worse it can be if there chance something with the conquest system.

i have also alts now i have 8 chars where i compleet the conquest with it and after the 7.0 expension i have there 2 more.
i not care to switch between all 8 of then since in the end when i have compleet all the 8 personal conquest i focus on other things like level my toons that are not lvl 75 yet or have reach end game content yet.

if you play on one char its your choose and if others play on 10 or 15 its there choose.
tech fragments are easy to get since if you join a guild and there do guild invations you get extra tech fragments and run some flashpoints also and destory the lvl 75 gear and mods you get from drops and flashpoints.

and here is a tip completing personal conquest's is super easy.
if you run with 1 char some heroic's you get in no time 50k and use other chars to run the other heroic's on other planets to get also fast the 50k.
run with a other char the daily's on section X and you get also in no time 50k conquest points.
and with a other char level up what and compleet story line missions and bonus missions is also fast to get 50k
and thats only what you can do on day one with some chars the next day after the reset you can do it with other chars the same thing.

50k conquest points is super easy to get and in the next expension is 100k also super easy to get.
you need to know how to get then fast since its easy to get 50k and 100k conquest points.

why you think that some place's are full with other players since there wane get there 50k conquest points fast by doing heroic's or daily's