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since the discussions from 11 month's ago has show that the discussions about chance things about conquest was ending in a warzone more.
since Jackie has closed that thread at some point since it was a warzone more and not a discusion any more.
and a lot off people are getting sick with it the chance's each time.

the reason a lot off people are doing conquest's on a lot off chars is that there have something to do
since we get always 1 a year new content so to keep playing a lot off players use there toons to compleet conquest's on since there is notting else to do any more since there is notting to do any more if you reach end content and need to wait 1 full year to get new content.

and i not know about you but if the chance off conquest in 7.0 update is really that worse what there are telling from the PTS then your idea is much worse then we get in the 7.0 expension and then the conquest system will be destory for good then since its much worse then all the chance we got so far with the conquest.
I don't understand your argument. What "chance things"? I am so confused.

Edit: FYI I have alts. A lot. That I play every week. And I hate the change that will limit how many of them can complete CQ and still get a reward. But that doesn't mean that I don't understand why people who only play one character should not be able to get extra rewards too (maybe not the loot boxes, which may be gone in 7.0 anyway, but at least the tech fragments etc).