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Quote: Originally Posted by Strathkin View Post
If I focus on just ONE or two I sometimes make 2-3 million, but then several others sacrifice earning conquest.

Yet their Guild Commendations are shown by Account! So their is balance in the Force as is!
Yes but you only get the rewards once for it.

All I've seen since I started complaining about the rewards limits to CQ (you only got the upgrade rewards for 3 CQ on PTS), is how people are crying that it's not fair that people having alts have an advantage so it's only fair that they are getting penalized for it.

All I'm offering is a solution so that people who decide to only have one character don't get penalized for it, rather than nerfing people who do enjoy playing multiple characters.

Quote: Originally Posted by Strathkin View Post
That's a very bad idea. You'd create 5-10x more problems than you'd hope to solve.
Ok sure. But be more specific. All I see is a "it's a bad idea" but no explanation of WHY in your post.

Quote: Originally Posted by Spikanor View Post
its the worst idea ever.
since you give with this idea the final killing blow that will destory the conquest system for good when you fix notting and make it only worse that the chance a lot off players going to quit and thats not good for the game.
Ditto. Why is it the worst idea ever and why would it destroy conquest? Why would people quit over being able to complete multiple conquest with one character? It wouldn't change anything for people playing multiple characters.