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09.23.2020 , 11:02 AM | #8
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The only potential for griefing now is stealthers that sit in stealth until acid, wasting up to 5 minutes per round. I have no doubt that will happen on occasion. But, that should be very easy to report, and very easy for Bioware to confirm by looking at logs."
Personally, I think stealth should be changed to last a maximum of 30s in any given situation. Stealth is too overpowered and allows people to cheat through group content; "farm" certain flashpoints they shouldn't be able to get through so easily, and skip entire swaths of some maps. In PvP the ability for someone to just sit in stealth is rediculous, and having a time limit for it to wear off (i.e.: the buff only lasts 30 seconds) certainly seems more balanced in regards to it being used as more of a defensive cool-down and way to reposition.