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HELLBENT is hellbent on having fun and enjoying the game. Our members relish inappropriate adult humor but can still focus and get end content completed. Our guild is accepting new members (18+ yrs old) who are active, social and those that want to raid or learn Op mechanics.

What we do in Hellbent: We enjoy the game at itís fullest. We focus mainly on raiding, but many members also enjoy their PVP time whether that be regs or ranked PVP. We go for large yield planets for Conquest, because we like the shiny materials we get for rewards. We enjoy teaching new members raid mechanics and assisting them in fine tuning their DPS or heals output so they can succeed in HM or NM content. We donít mind inexperienced folks, as long as they can follow/execute directions and are willing to improve both their own skills and raid awareness.

Our Raiding Community portion of the guild consists of several progression raid teams with set schedules and a Basic Training team that runs once a week. We also have an open group run every Saturday that will either be doing group conquest objectives or a 16 man HM Op. See our website for our weekly schedule of Raid Team Ops.

We offer all of the guild perks, XP boost, guild ship, stronghold, TS, Discord, guild repairs, etc. There are always opportunities to sub and or to fill a vacancy, depending on the roles needed. Our sister Imp guild is The Fallen Ones. They are a fun social laid back group of people who schedule activities/OPs nearly every night of the week.

If you want to learn more about Hellbent or are interested in joining a fun end game community, apply on our website or whisper any Hellbent member and ask to speak to an officer.

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Synthetic aka Cynders, Ta'kila, Cyndrome, Cynchronize, Lou Lou