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In short, whoever decides how loot progression works in this game has no idea how it is done on highest level.
Limiting BIS loot to one highlighted operation hasnt slowed things down a bit. In fact it made things worse, instead of progessing Brontes NM all night all week we farmed hardmode Operations until everyone was BIS and too bored to care anymore.
The change is nice as far as you listened to the community for once, but its not only way too late to make any difference, your initial plan was doomed to fail from the start and just shows a serious disconnect between your devs and the hardcore raiding community.
I could not agree more. They doomed themselves from the start. People naturally take the path of least resistance...that's been HM Ops that, like you said, people farmed with their multiple toons, multiple times per week. The very people they tried to slow down, they actually boosted. The disconnect is unreal.

That being said...I'm glad they are making the change...but it's too late to matter now.
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