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The issue is if I say trash isn't skippable, then I have to get into which groups of trash you have to kill. For example, in Dread Palace, you can, without stealth, move past the groups near the entrance. If I say you HAVE to kill that group, does that mean you have to kill both groups? Do you have to kill the trash at the end of the main hall that disappears when you kill Raptus? What determines whether you HAVE to kill a trash group or not? It's too much of a gray area for me to try to police.

Now, I WOULD be willing to consider a "You can't stealth past trash rule", but even that gets into a gray area. Would it be okay to CC the one mob that guards the narrow safe side along the wall?

H``onestly, I don't ask these questions rhetorically. If you have a good answer, let me know. But I'm not going to make a checklist of which trash is skippable and which isn't for your run to count.
You could go through the op(s) and take a screenshot of each map. Mark the locations where mobs appear or just state how many groups there are per map so people know what they need to kill.
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