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I see, but I wasn't talking sets, I was talking armorings.

I honestly don't know, but in the last 3 hours, I have gotten like 8 680 crafting missions from my toon with level 50 Lana and slicing, and then gotten about 5 embers, I have 24 of them now, 212 solid, and 98 superior matrix, seems a waste to just let them sit in inventory doing nothing.
Well since the original goal was to make money you could just sell those mats on the gtn when you see a price you like. Simple and no cost in credits or time except the gtn fee. If you have time and like to craft then you should try the armoring (since you mentioned that specifically). If you dip your toe in that and have a good experience, expand to other 306's. I will just point out that the gear tier has been out nearly 2 years now so expect a market saturated with competition.
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