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I see, thanks for the info.

My Lana was level 50, I am just not very good.

If I am playing and doing conquests, and earning the bulk of the stuff for crafting, like matrix, and even getting some embers without paying for them, why not craft and sell them.
I don't know, I have never been in a position where the cost, in materials, and time, both raw waiting and failed RE attempts, made sense for me. But, as you've already learned the schematics, and you say you have lots of materials, then more power to you.

People buy the named sets once for the achievements, or the cosmetics, but none of the crafted sets are terribly useful in content, except for Force Bound for tank guardians/juggernauts in pvp. And since the sets are legacy bound, if you want the outfit look you only need one copy. Relics and individual item modifications drop so frequently from doing regular spoils of war content that it is simply unnecessary to buy them. Some of the crafted tacticals may be useful, Grit Teeth for sure, maybe some of the others.

Gear is so plentiful in the Spoils of War system that I have tabs and tabs of spare stuff, enough that it is easy for me to gear a fresh 75 in 306 gear from the moment they ding. I think a lot of players, at this point in 6.x's life-cycle, are in a similar state. The new-to-the-game-but-also-75 player, the ideal market for crafted gear, is probably too poor to buy your stuff for anything that would be profitable relative to the material cost. I mean you quote things being listed for 40 million (relics) or 12 million (iRating 300 DPS pieces) but what newbie has that much? They're listed for that much, but do they actually sell at those prices? Perhaps I'm just too upset at the whole crafting debacle of 6.0 entirely to see a potential market beyond biochem consumables, but when grinding-item-rating quality stuff required expensive exotic materials, I was done. I can't afford to sell those things at a price the target market is able to pay.

If you find a market and make a profit, you are genuinely a savvier businessperson than I, and I wish you luck. My reply is meant more as a thinly veiled complaint to Bioware about the backwards design of the Spoils of War crafting system, than to discourage you from trying.
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