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Quote: Originally Posted by sailordragonball View Post
I have a new tank question for Shield Tech tanks ...

True or False: END>DEF>ABS>SHI?

If so, what are the raw numbers that I need to successfully tank OPS with 240 gear?

That isn't really how gearing and stat priorities work. But, no, that isn't the order of importance. Defense is useless pretty much, since you get so much of it via normal tank gearing. So never seek out more defense. Whether you want to go for a Endurance-heavy build or go full-mitigation is up to you. Whichever route you take, the ratio of absorb to shield is around 40/60. For augments you usually want to take only Shield and Absorb.

The difference in an Endurance and a mitigation build comes mainly from your choice of mods and enhancements. For Endurance go for B mods and use either the mid-Endurance or high-Endurance enhancements. If you feel like you've got plenty of Defense you can drop Warding mods for Lethal ones to get more Power, and thus damage, and thus threat.
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