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One huge point that was glossed over is the fact that Energy Blast is one of your best defensive abilities. Threat generation doesn`t even factor into taking it or not, just the fact that you get a 25% increase to your shield absorb makes this a must for tanking in PVE. It should be on your bar and on cooldown constantly
after reading this guide which is a very great guide. i didn't need the help on tanking with my pt since i have it down but i like to see what other people do. but for the quote i am very glad someone finally pointed out your complete ignoring of heat blast. it returns heat which allows you more flexibility in your rotation for those in pinch moments. as your stacking it to use it the stacks increase your absorption and when you actually use the ability like bzallen says increases your shield absurd by 25% so if you go shield chance build (which I'm not. I'm a shield absorb because pts have the best abilities for absorb. atm with all my cds i can absorb 90% damage with still a high chance of procing my shield.) it should always be on cd. I know you this guide is old but if it is to stay in the sticky notes it'd be nice if it was actually updated to stay there. Also a lot of the ability listing is more of your personal opinion which is fine if you didn't ignore a lot of your core abilities that make us the tanks we are. Yes we are not ranged tanks which i see people try to pull off and i just face palm every time. we also have a spec that can immediately refresh the cd of our rocket punch which means you should always have it on cool down so that if you ever proc it you refresh your cylinder on a group of mobs. Rail shot should also always be on cd we have a spec that allows our cylinder to proc onto a group of 5 mobs at the most including the main mob which again increases our aoe threat gen. also flamethrower vitally important especially with the spec that allows your flamethrower to immediately refresh and it allows it to tick twice as fast and it also damage twice as fast. so that means your 3 second interruptible flamethrower is now a 1.5 second uninterruptible in the terms of the ability interrupt and it will do the same damage twice as fast. its a nice burst increase to your threat and allows you to ensure that the group of mobs you are trying to aggro all get hit by it.