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There are dozens of stronghold idea threads so I was thinking which one to post on but this seems like the most recent. So I'll go with this one.

I'm up for any stronghold because I love the concept of having houses across the galaxy. The more bases we have the better. So I'm up for any idea but in my post I'll explain a few one's I'd like to see the MOST. But first let's review the 11 strongholds we already have: Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Manaan, Umbara, Rishi, Alderaan, Carrik Station and Vaikin Station. Anyway my list is:

1. Hoth.
I think we need a snowy/icy planet stronghold. And it's not exactly Alderaan because that wasn't like Hoth. That had a palace, some snow and lots of grass. Hoth would be completely whited out. So I don't really consider the Alderaan palace to be a snow stronghold. Plus I don't think Hoth would be a palace realistically. Alderaan was all about that hierarchy. I picture Hoth to be more of a base. Maybe like an abandoned bunker like echo base. So I think they would be 2 completely different ideas. Hoth wouldn't be just another snow stronghold. Plus Hoth is a historic Star Wars planet. So it's special not just another useless planet but, Hoth would actually be important. So I definitely think we need a Hoth Stronghold.

3. Zakuul.
From what I heard the Zakuul Palace stronghold was in the works. So I definitely think they should finish this one up. Considering they are still working on it, which isn't likely. There's been numerous swtor threads about a Zakuul stronghold and I have other sources too (ex: a lot of reddit post about it, etc). So I could be mistaken but I thought they started to make one. Additionally it wouldn't be brand new because they have stuff to work from. The Zakuul palace could be like Kayilo's apartment from chapter 10 Anarchy in Paradise. Or if they wanted to make it bigger they could use Vaylin's palace from chapter 6 The Dragons Maw. So they don't have to start from scratch but, I think they should make something like that for us players. A Zakuul stronghold.

3. Asteroid Lot
My last idea is an Asteroid stronghold. This wouldn't be too far fetched because previous Star Wars games had Asteroid houses. It would be something like the Asteroid Lot from Clone Wars Adventures. If you don't know what I mean here's a link...

So it could be a base on/inside of an asteroid.

These are just 3 ideas for new strongholds. I'm up for anything new but these are just some more possibilities to work with.
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