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12.19.2011 , 01:46 PM | #4
Man if you think pvp in wow is good... I have nothing to say to you until you actually try a real pvp mmo like Dark Age of Camelot.

Arena guys... oh well... what else can I say? Oh yes... we seem to be missing orcs and elves also. Is it "being an arena player" a bragging right? It should be a shame... not something you should brag about. Same as playing CS:S... I play CS since beta 2.4 and CS:S is a joke... but oh well... I'm just old school anyway, these "new versions" of CS and "PVP" your generation came up with are just faint shadows of how things were and how they should be.

Oh and Rift... is just a bad game. Sure it looks good, but its paper-thin lore is awful. Its so shallow that if I wanted to drink it I would be eating dirt.

EDIT: Just so you dont think I'm on a mindless bashing, I do agree with you on the "sharded" stuff... I hate to be "ported to another instance" where my friend or guildie is. That I do agree with you - its stupid and really breaks the point of "feeling like an mmo". Cause lets face it, "feeling like an mmo" is really about seeing other ppl running around and knowing those are real ppl like you playing. I do agree with you on this "sharded" crap.