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Huttball is awesome.

I can't wait for Monday Night Huttball nights. OH SNAP THAT'S TONIGHT!

Oh, wait.. servers will be down... ONE WEEK FROM TODAY - MONDAY NIGHT HUTTBALL BEGINS!

Also - I disagree on the companions. I'm level 50 and it's great to be able to call on whichever type of companion I need. If I'm taking more damage, I pull out my healer companion. If I need to kill stuff fast, I pull out my DPS companion. I'm a tank, so I haven't had any use for a tank companion. Is that a glorified pet? I'm not sure. What exactly are you expecting your companion to contribute to your combat and mission experience? When you make a decision that pleases your companion, you gain affection with them. And in some missions your companion will intervene and add more dialogue to the mission making them a bit more than a pet. Do you want more intervention from the companion? Not sure what you're after here or what classifies SWTOR companions as "glorified pets."

I mean, it is annoying that you have to hotkey your companion attack button to attack your target because they seem to just attack whatever has the highest aggro for them. And I guess it seems rather silly when your companions just stand in area effects on the ground and make no effort to move out and you end up having to toggle their passive on and off to move them out of stuff. But by the same means, it adds another skill aspect to the game. I like it.
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