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The devs increased her movement speed a couple of patches ago, IIRC.
No, they increased the range and of her applying the debuff. There are ways for at least sin and pt how its 'easy enough' however worse than a tank swap IF done on sin. Pt is the best class to kite.

Sin: After the push you phantom stride once your debuff is under ~50% duration and you run until bestia obliterates you and then you force speed, should she reach you you can vanish just before she applies it and then taunt back to give you one more GCD for the debuff to fall of.

PT: You only run every 2nd Push with hydraulics and you start kiting just like Sin would.

Jugg: Have you tried tank swapping? :P I think you need to intercede someone or stuff like this, but just tank swap its really easier.
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