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(...) And with this story I came to a conclusion that I prefer ******e vet players that know what they are doing.
Because with them you are going to finish the FP and all you have to do is ignore the constant toxicity in chat while with newbies you will deal with people not listening, constant wipes, raging in chat and being called toxic after that.

Not to mention the whole community being called toxic and not welcoming to new players even though they were the ones being ******es.

I wish everyone a good day and I'm out
This is the sad truth, lots of players, the ones who are actually clueless, take it as an insult when you explain mechanics or effective way to do things.

I am thinking of one tank in MM Legacy of the Rakata. At Commander Rand boss, since he just rushed into battle, I asked to LOS behind the pilar, which he didn't care for. At the end of the fight, I explained that if everyone LOS behind the pilar, every add will come and pile up there in a small area so they can all be AOE'd and since the boss also jumps into that place you don't even have to move.

I wasn't calling names, calling him a noob or whatever, just explaining a more effective way of doing this boss. And he felt insulted, bragging that he ran this FP enough times that he knew how to run it, posting his 25 HM runs achievement... from 2020. Too bad, he started the e-peen contest so I replied with mine... which was from 2016, adding: it's 2021, guess how many more runs since then.

Even when people think that they know how to run a FP, because no one actually never taught them how to, they don't realize that they can be wrong and refuse to listen to advices. But once again this is 2021, whatever you say, no matter how you say it, people take it as a personal insult.
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