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05.15.2021 , 03:50 PM | #10162
In all my time playing SWTOR I never had that many run-ins with weird/******e players and here I am yet again writing a post in this thread.

Now this isn't a complaint about someone's behavior or a screw up, just a weird funny situation. (funny to me at least)

To set the stage, the run is Secrets of the Enclave master mode and we have a...

Sorcerer healer lvl75,

myself Merc dps lvl75 and I have no idea who else we had because this run was weird as hell from the start lol.

So as I load into the fp the first trash mob is gone and so are the tank and the other dps. The only thing to greet me in chat are two messages:

"Ugh you again" and "u, no way"

Great start!

I ignore the messages and continue with the Sorc.

I put us in que but until the replacement arrives we summon our comps and clear the first camp. During the first trash/camp fights I notice that he isn't healing but it isn't that big of a problem (I have Mako lvl50 as heals so there is no way we would die, unless someone screws up royally)

Second camp, he is still going for dps and to make thing even more interesting before the camp is cleared he is already attacking the other trash group.

By the third camp the new tank and dps arrive but as soon as they arrive the tank just leaves and the dps writes...

"**** no, you again" (or something like that, can't remember)

At this point I'm curious as to what's going on so I ask the dps what happened before and he tells me that they had this dude (Sorc heals) before and that he sucks. As he's writing that, the Sorc is already pulling two groups of trash in front of the cave before I even had the time to write more in chat or clear the third camp.

After that I left because I had a feeling that the fp wasn't going to be fun (the other dps left also) and I left with a suspicion that he was actually dps but just eneded up queuing as heals. But who knows I didn't check his gear.

So there you have it, a healer so good he managed to scare away five people before we even fought the first boss.

Again wish you all a great day.