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03.28.2021 , 08:24 AM | #109
I had no problem testing.
Please answer the following questions:
Were you able to find the Galactic Seasons page? Yes, by clicking the little check mark on the menu bar where the daily login rewards are. That also shows me whether I completed my GS tasks.
Were you able to locate your Galactic Seasons Priority Objectives in the Galactic Seasons screen? Yes, there were only two at the top but it was the same two everyday. I tried one further down the list with the PO at the beginning but didn't get credit for it so I presumed that the only ones that provided credit are the ones at the top. I never found any weekly objectives with PO so I didn't try any.
In the Conquest screen there is a list of tentative Daily and Weekly Priority Objectives. These are all denoted as "PO: Name". What feedback do you have regarding the current list of objectives? They seem fine and varied. They are sufficiently difficult to make it a fair objective. Laying down 30 decos or anything so easy would just be lazy and shouldn't earn a GS award.
How do you feel about the cadence and points offered in GS? It seems fine to me. I'm not a fan of being able to buy points with real money, although that just means rich people will get bored and leave the game quicker. Suits me fine.
What other general feedback would you would like to tell us? My biggest interest in expansions is the map and scenery additions. I was happy that I was able to, but want to point out that, I was able to stealth all the way to the end of the flash point solo with only a few fights. I didn't get to see the bosses but I was able to see all the scenery. I like the vendor addition on the fleet, however, it doesn't seem like anyone will be able to earn enough tokens to buy everything from the vendor before they reach GS level 100. I'm not understanding how we will be able to earn more tokens for additional vendor items after we reach 100. It appears to be a legacy level. I checked multiple characters and they all showed the same level as I progressed so I can't rerun any previous level for more rewards/tokens. It appears we have to decide what we want from the vendor and once we spend our tokens, that will be the last time we use that vendor. Sure is a fancy spot on the fleet for a vendor that will become obsolete so soon.