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05.01.2018 , 06:05 AM | #10
Are you looking forward to 5.9 and our new season of fun? Sanguine Guilds are! Join us on our Republic faction Sanguine Galaxy, or Imperial faction Sanguine Bounty Today! We are having a blast and you can join us for the fun. We have been running all content for both factions and posting new high quality videos on our media, Guides to GOTM 4 man, Dread Palace 4 Manning, Operations, Galactic Star Fighter, PvP, World bosses and so much more. We keep you up to date with our guild on all aspects of our star wars universe including developments for the game, New guides for our era of play, and keep searching out the secrets for us to provide you with. Discord Facebook Twitter Twitch are Booming with information that can help you not only get groups for the content you need, but also is a great place to check out anything this game is producing for you. We are the Longest running Family Friendly guild on any MMO to date. We continue to provide our players with the BEST in-game environment for your MUCH NEEDED Leisure time. Whether your leveling out a few characters or want to Endgame Raid and PvP, Fly Starfighter Missions, Or grind up those gearing teirs, We would like you to do it in a friendly FUN place. Just /who Sanguine typed and ask for a invite!