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03.29.2018 , 06:31 AM | #9
Success!! We are 100% Unlocked on Both our Guildships, Great work everyone! Plans from your conquest rewards can be sold on GTN (100-300k per) or Collected for the GREE Event Crystal that Bolsters Master Mode Operations(NiM) or Donated to the guild for our Raiders to use. It's been a long time coming and we are proud to have finished out the Guildship grinds. 5.8 Has been great so far, Developers heard our calls on what we want in-game and are providing us with some great new additions and adjusted conquest accordingly. We will be taking on many of the new additions, GOTM, Granked, GSF, And All the new Story Content as it unfolds. We will Still continue to provide *NEW Guides to our era of play and keep grinding out our Videos for the guild. IF YOU WANT THE GUIDES W/O Hassle they START on our NOTES section of Facebook under the title header/More button. Http://

Robert Hams is our Guildmaster Both Factions when you Friend our page.
All Friendly Players that Enjoy SWTOR are Encouraged to Join us at Sanguine Galaxy on Republic, or Sanguine Bounty on Imperial faction. We are a HOME, Not just another guild.