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02.19.2018 , 07:53 AM | #7
A Change is in the winds, If your in a CONQUEST MILL Guild, RP, Drama Factory, Or your tired of the same old grinds, You should get some of your characters into Sanguine. We are CASUAL Friendly. Many of the guilds this era wont allow you to be in without some sort of required meetings, required conquests, required off-site medias and wont promote you unless you qualify for some timebanditing on your LEISURE. We Promote By Level and Time Spent in guilds. Not what you do or where your free time is spent. We win our Conquests in a laid back manor, No Stress or Pressure on your game times or what your doing. We do cater to Ops/GSF/PvP'ers and run groups for them as well.

Year 6 Should be YOUR Year, Do it with a Guild that is friendly, and Wont Pressure you to sacrifice your days weeks hours months and years to the same ol' Conquest Coal Mine.. There are 20 "Conquest Mills out there" all 950+ Members there not in short supply. If your looking for a HOME with REAL Guildys and Friends give us a whisper pubside @ Sanguine Galaxy and on Impside @ Sanguine Bounty

All Can get your toons in